16,000 Americans Stranded in Sudan with No Evacuation Plan


A power struggle between two generals in Sudan has now become a military war. Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, once allies, are now mortal enemies.

Embassies, including government personnel in the US, have evacuated. However, there is no evacuation plan for the 16,000 Americans who aren’t government personnel but are registered as living in the country.

The two generals originally joined together to oust dictator Omar al-Bashir n 2021. Since then, Gen. Burhan has ruled.

Foreign pressure from the United Nations, the U.S., and other Western nations mounted. They demanded that the Sudanese military relinquish power and allow civilian control to resume.

Sudan’s collapse into warfare dashed plans to transition to democracy. It brought an already impoverished country to the brink of humanitarian disaster. The fighting has left millions trapped in urban areas, sheltering from gunfire and bombs, Fox News reports.

Now it’s a full-scale war.

In a repeat of the Afghanistan debacle, the White House has no immediate plans for a government-coordinated evacuation of American citizens trapped in Sudan. An estimated 16,000 private U.S. citizens are registered with the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum.

Biden issued a press release saying he gets regular reports.

“I am receiving regular reports from my team on their ongoing work to assist Americans in Sudan, to the extent possible,” Biden said in a press release Saturday evening. “We are also working closely with our allies and partners in this effort.”

That’s it. He’s getting press releases. It’s a mirage of competence.

In press release Sunday morning from the Department of Defense (DOD), Christopher Maier, the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity warfare, shared a path forward for American citizens who are stranded in Sudan and want to leave.

They can’t use it yet because there was no plan in place!

“In the coming days, we will continue to work with the State Department to help American citizens who may want to leave Sudan,” Maier said. “One of those ways is to potentially make the overland routes out of Sudan potentially more viable. So, DOD is at present considering actions that may include the use of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to be able to observe routes and detect threats,” Fox reports.

They don’t have a plan and have done nothing yet as the war escalates.

Trapped US AID workers were told to “shelter in place.”  That’s the plan – sounds like Afghanistan.

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