US Military Families Are in Afghanistan-State Dept Says They Don’t Qualify for Evacuation


According to, about 60 service members reported up the chain of command that they still had family members stranded in Afghanistan following a Pentagon memo Nov. 2 requesting the information.

None of those family members qualified for assisted evacuation by the State Department, according to the Pentagon’s top spokesman John Kirby.

Is he insane? Family members of soldiers don’t qualify, but tens of thousands of anonymous Afghans did? They don’t qualify while millions pour in anonymously through our southern border?

“They were all evaluated and thus far, in the evaluation, none have been determined to be eligible for parolee status,” Kirby said Monday, referencing the government’s term for Afghans who qualify for evacuation as direct relatives of U.S. citizens or residents.

The Pentagon did not say how many family members the State Department reviews this month affected.

The numbers keep changing because they don’t know or care.

Many of the troops who have attempted to get relatives evacuated were Afghan interpreters who immigrated to the U.S. and enlisted.

The State Department is in charge of determining whether Afghans qualify for “parole” and evacuation. They must be the spouse or child under 21 years old of a U.S. citizen or resident, according to the agency’s criteria.

This is while our borders are open.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Why would our soldiers have family members in Afghanistan? If they are there our government needs to get them out along with all other Americans and Afghans known to have helped our efforts in Afghanistan. I knew several while I was there. But our chicken s puppet president’s handlers won’t allow that.

If You Build the Gulag They Will Come
If You Build the Gulag They Will Come
2 years ago

They are all whitey crackas? (rhetorical)
The dependency culture is why the republic is destroyed.
The local enemedia Bolshevik dinner report featured a woman upset that the rent relief comrades wouldn’t answer the phone and when questioned she replied that her first plan of action is to turn to the government.
Everyone is hiring because no one will work when they don’t have any incentive to.

2 years ago

The State Department has been anti foreign Spouse for a while now, but it became institutional when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The Government only wants Immigrants it can own so they have to be for the most part poor as dirt now, An Immigrant spouse of a Service Member or US Contractor might be independent and smart enough to vote Conservative.

Whatever happened to idea that immigrants should have needed skills or significant wealth to come to America? If the majority of those people in the world happen to be White, why should that matter if we really are trying to be a color blind society? Democrats have always been the Party of Slaves. Blacks and Hispanics began breaking the bonds of the Democrat Welfare Plantation under Republican economic programs and now Democrats need a new supply of Slaves.