The Media Doesn’t Want Joe Biden to Run Again, Polls Agree


The media doesn’t want Joe Biden to run for president. Perhaps they are tired of covering for his obvious mental problems. The poll numbers are abysmal, showing that voters don’t want the feeble octogenarian running either. Yet, the National Democrat Party will support him. I feel like they’re mocking us at this point.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that “the National Democratic Party has said it will support Biden’s reelection, and it has no plans to sponsor primary debates.”

Democrats have chosen Biden and will run him from his basement with no debates. We can expect mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, drop boxes in Democrat neighborhoods, Zuckerbucks, and bucks from Soros groups. Laws will change at the last minute without notice, and the media will torch anyone who goes up against Joe Biden. Who knows what goes on with the voting machines?

Other than that, we can expect a free and fair election.

Democrat leadership like the idea of a figurehead with anonymous socialists pulling his strings behind the scenes with impunity. This time, Biden has one potential competitor and Marianne Williamson. RFK Jr. is a good campaigner, but people aren’t pleased with his views on vaccines and the war. Williamson isn’t going anywhere.

Biden, as the incumbent, has an advantage, but I’m still waiting to see if Michelle comes out as a candidate.

Biden’s poll numbers are abysmal, with three-quarters of Americans saying the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Democrat primary voters don’t want him to run, and CNN apparently doesn’t want him to run either. They enthusiastically discussed a new NBC poll showing 53% of Biden’s 2020 voters say he shouldn’t run again in 2024 – he’s too old. His socialist agenda doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Voters under 35 don’t want him.

“Joe Biden is asking for four more years,” CNN’s John King said on air. “When 74 percent of Americans think the country is heading the wrong way, it’s hard for the boss to say ‘Give me four more years.’” As King said, this is “a giant challenge” for Joe Biden.

He noted Biden “clearly has liabilities” and “he’s 80 years old. He will be 82 on Inauguration Day 2025.”

“Do the American people want that?” he asked. “Do they want four more years of Joe Biden?” King asked.

“Immigration is an issue where the Biden Administration, the numbers are not working in his favor, and the Republicans plan to make a very big deal of that,” he said. “Inflation and recession fears, obviously, issue number one. Where is the economy six months from now and nine months from now compared to today?” King said.

It’s good to hear Democrats still care about the economy and immigration. No one wants to mention the corruption of the Biden crime family.

Special interest Democrats and those in leadership think they can pull off another Biden win.


An NBC poll found 1000 registered voters (861 were cell phone) would vote for a Republican candidate over Joe Biden. A Republican candidate will get 47% of the vote, and a Democrat will get 41%; 2% of Independents would go for Biden; 4% say it depends; and 4% are not sure.

This Week’s Martha Raddatz asked ABC’s Terry Moran if Democrats would rally around Joe Biden.

“My own sense is that most Americans don’t want to vote for an 81-year-old running for president, neither do they really want to vote for a 77-year-old running for president,” Moran said. “They’d like to go to the next generation. And I think part of the modesty is the Biden White House operation aware that people are uneasy with his age.”

The Wall Street Journal was brutal and accurate:

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