1619 History Fabricator Wants Parents to Butt Out


Steve Guest linked a clip with the author of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, to a comment pointing out her dishonest double talk.

Nikole Hannah-Jones claims in the clip that parents shouldn’t decide what is being taught in the schools, but she is actually being very cagey.

False Equivalence

Ms. Jones draws an equivalence between parents determining everything children are taught and objecting to a particular Marxist curriculum that is both anti-American and racist (hers).

She pretends the argument is letting parents determine the entire curriculum when they are only opposed to indoctrination with false history. Parents never said they wanted full control. They simply don’t want schools to indoctrinate their children in hate and lies.

In this clip, the confused Nikole doesn’t seem to realize she is disproving her own thesis by saying she doesn’t know anything about social studies while at the same time pushing her fraudulent history — the 1619 Project — in all the schools.

If you look at some of the Twitter user responses to this clip below, you realize the commenters got the email from MoveOn or some equivalent leftist organization to disprove Mr. Guest’s comment. Twitter is a controlled leftist space. It’s not the real world. Tt’s the world of propaganda.


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Pedocrats are bad
Pedocrats are bad
1 year ago

I don’t subscribe to the inferior culture hannah-jones does so I don’t comprehend not being involved in my child’s education and well being.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

She is becoming rick over her propaganda.

She is not forcing any schools to accept her nonsense. The public is allowing it.

Creators Create Destroyers Destroy
Creators Create Destroyers Destroy
1 year ago

No room for Long March burn it all down Marxists in a representative republic.
Yes I know that system of governance left the barn a long time ago.
Good luck with the oppressed vs the oppressors schtick as we enter the seventh decade of the “I’ll have them voting democrat for 200 years” great society reset.