162 Democrats Vote to Let People Here Illegally Vote in City Elections


Only 42 Democrats voted against letting illegal aliens and other foreign nationals vote in municipal elections. Another 162 House Democrats voted to give illegal aliens and other foreigners the right to vote.

There is never a reason for illegal aliens to vote in any election. It’s selling out the country, but that’s what Democrats want to do. They want open borders, open air space, and they want people from other countries to decide our policies, rights, and future.

In October 2022, D.C. City Council voted 12-1 to allow foreign nationals to vote in municipal elections. About 50,000 foreign nationals and illegal aliens would be eligible to vote. Some just arrived through our open borders.

People coming illegally will vote for Democrats and make us into a one-party nation.

On Thursday, every House Republican voted to pass House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer’s (R-KY) resolution to block D.C. from imposing the new law.

Many of the 42 House Democrats who voted with Republicans are in swing states, and 162 are not.

Sen. Tom Cotton passed an identical resolution in the Senate. If it passes somehow, Biden must sign it to stop DC. It’s not likely the far-left president will sign it.

Rep. Andy Biggs said, “The right to vote is the core of self-determination and U.S. citizenship. It’s unconscionable we have Members who disregard these principles.”

Mike Davis praised Steve Scalise, James Comer, and Andrew Clyde for trying to stop this sellout and reclaim America.  As he said, “Woke DC politicians have turned our nation’s capital into a third-world Marxist hellhole.”

Illegal aliens and foreign nationals vote Democrat, often for all the wrong reasons. Democrats want all the power in a one-party nation.

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Chris Moffatt
Chris Moffatt
3 months ago

Unbelievable isn’t it? These 162 need to be thrown out of Congress, but today’s Democrats will embrace them. Really pathetic isn’t it?

3 months ago

In America, 175 years ago, the 162 House Democrats would have been labelled Traitors, slapped in the face, and called out on the field of honor. How America has changed for the worse. The Communist were right about one thing, America would crumble from within!

Marty G Kirkpatrick
Marty G Kirkpatrick
3 months ago

Every dem member voting to neglect our Constitution should be censured at the least. But running out of town on a rail would be justice.

3 months ago

In 1985 Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein was the mayor of San Francisco, she told all city employees, in all departments to not assist Federal Customs Agents, thus Diane Feinstein
invented SANCTUARY CITIES. Since 1985 Sanctuary Cities has spread to 500 American Cities. Criminal border jumping INVADERS make a beeline for these cities where DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS hand out all kinds of welfare, food, housing, clothing and medical care. The invaders vote straight DEMOCRAT PARTY because that is where all the “free stuff” comes from. The Democrats get the votes and the taxpayers get the bill, for all of the free stuff. A GIGANTIC SCAM RUN BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.