183 humans arrested for setting the bush fires! Tell Russell Crowe ASAP!


Hollywood stars mostly traveled by private jet to get to the Golden Globes, but they didn’t hesitate to lecture the rest of us about climate change. When they gave their impassioned speeches about climate change, the media was already reporting about the arson. As it happens, 183 people started the bush fires that have ravaged Australia and cost lives. The accused were taken to the hoosegow.

About 85% of the fires are started by humans in Australia, and the same holds true in the United States.


Tell Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Patricia Arquette, all of Hollywood immediately before they take our planes and meat from us.

Fueled by dry conditions and high temperatures, it is arson that is overwhelmingly the cause of the fires in Australia. People are the problem, along with not clearing out the dry brush.

One teen, previously arrested for setting seven fires, set seventeen fires in total so he could put them out. They decided to finally keep firefighting equipment from him. Perhaps jail time would have been better.

Russell Crowe’s statement during the Golden Globes ceremony claimed the fires were “climate-based,” and we need to “act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy.”

Global nothing, Russell, it’s arson or carelessness. These stars, who didn’t check news reports or the historical precedent before they left for the ceremony, think that turning our economy over to socialist globalists will save the planet.

Russell Crowe enlisted an emotional, near-tears, Jennifer Aniston to give his heartbreaking message.

Cate Blanchett simply demands action, but she kindly thanked the firefighters.

Joaquin Phoenix wants people to stop eating meat. “The evidence is irrefutable & undeniable.” Uh, it’s not!

There were other ‘performances’ at the Globes about climate change, but you get the picture.


Meanwhile, in Australia, according to the Australian (which you can’t get because it’s behind a paywall),  “Police arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania in the past few months. NSW police data shows 183 people have been charged or cautioned for bushfire-related offenses since November 8, and 24 arrested for deliberately starting bushfires.”

“The link between arsonists and the deadly fires that devastate Australia every summer is well known and well documented, with the rate of deliberately lit fires escalating rapidly during the school holiday period,” reports Simon Kent.

Around 85 percent of bushfires are caused by humans either deliberately or accidentally starting them, according to Dr. Paul Read, co-director of the National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson, and according to the Australian government.

Hollywood stars don’t have this information, but they do want to preach to us just the same.

Researchers for the Carnegie Institution found in 2017 that humans caused 84% of the wildfires in the United States. People start an average of 40,000 of these fires a year in the United States.

We need to bring Smoky the Bear back to the big screen and tv sets throughout the world to educate people.

Rather than focusing all our energy on climate change, perhaps, we should better educate people and jail the ones who do it deliberately.

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