19 Foreign Nationals Arrested for Voting in NC


A U.S. attorney in North Carolina announced charges against nineteen foreign nationals for voting illegally and other crimes prior to and on November 8, 2016, the Justice Department reports.

A twentieth defendant was charged with aiding and abetting a fellow defendant in falsely claiming United States citizenship in order to register to vote.

Of those charged, four were Mexicans, two were Haitians, two were Dominicans, and one each came from Italy, Grenada, Korea, Guyana, Germany, Poland, Japan, El Salvador, Panama, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

The Dominican man was ordered deported in the 1980s but obtained a fake ID and won citizenship with the fake identity in the 1990s.  He has been voting ever since.

The government doesn’t criminally charge illegal aliens who commit ID fraud. That really needs to stop. The aliens collect welfare and other benefits. Some even vote.

There are thousands on the voter rolls in some states as a result of the Motor Voter law. That needs to go too. There is little follow up from officials to verify any of these registrations, according to The Washington Times. One has to wonder how this works in states like California, New York and the other states where most of the illegals are.

The entire world thinks they can come here illegally.


Indictments were returned by a federal grand jury for illegal voting:

  • Jose Cruz Solano-Rodriguez, age 41, of Mexico;
  • Guadalupe Espinosa-Pena, age 63, of Mexico;
  • Sarah Emilia Silverio-Polanco, age 35, of the Dominican Republic;
  • Elizabeth Nene Amachaghi, age 44, of  Nigeria;
  • Maria Rufina Castillo-Boswell, age 31, of Philippines;
  • Dora Maybe Damatta-Rodriguez, age 64, of Panama;
  • Elvis David Fullerton, age 54, of Grenada;
  • Olive Agatha Martin, age 71, of Guyana; and
  • Jose Jaime Ramiro-Torres, age 52, of El Salvador;
  • Juan Francisco Landeros-Mireles, age 64, of Mexico;
  • Alessandro Cannizzaro, age 46, of Italy;
  • Dieudonne Soifils, age 71, of Haiti;
  • Hyo Suk George, age 69, of Korea;
  • Merius Jean, age 54, of Haiti;
  • Rosemarie Angelika Harris, age 60, of Germany; and
  • Daniel Tadeusz Romanowski, age 39, of Poland.

Also, a federal grand jury in Wilmington has returned an Indictment charging an eighteenth defendant, Diana Patricia Franco-Rodriguez, age 26, of Mexico, with fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents, and voting by an alien.

Additionally, a federal grand jury in Wilmington has returned an Indictment charging Denslo Allen Paige, age 66, with aiding and abetting Espinosa-Pena in falsely claiming United States citizenship in order to register to vote.

Separately on August 14, 2018, Ramon Esteban Paez-Jerez, age 58, of the Dominican Republic, was charged and pleaded guilty to a two-count Criminal Information charging him with passport fraud and voting by an alien.


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5 years ago

They’re stealing our votes and no one seems to give a damn.