19 times the FBI was warned but couldn’t stop a mass murderer


The government let another mass murderer slip through their fingers. Samuel Cassidy, who had a minor police record that included resisting arrest, was stopped by U.S. Customs officers in 2016, the Wall Street Journal reports.

We don’t know why he was stopped, but the man who killed nine people in San Jose, California, professed a hatred of his workplace where the shooting occurred. This is according to a Department of Homeland Security memo.

The shooter possessed “books about terrorism and fear and manifestos…as well as a black memo book filled with lots of notes about how he hates the VTA,” when Customs and Border Protection detained him in 2016 after a trip to the Philippines, the memo says.

The VTA is the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, where he worked for at least nine years, according to public employment records.

“When asked if he had problems with anybody at work, he stated ‘no,’” according to the memo, a copy of which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The shooting began at a union meeting at a VTA light rail yard in downtown San Jose and all of the victims worked for the transportation authority.

Eight people were found dead and a ninth died overnight at an area hospital. Cassidy died in an apparent suicide during the incident, according to law enforcement.

Cassidy had told his ex-wife he wanted to shoot people at work but she didn’t believe him.

The left wants to blame guns but it looks like the feds could do a better job.

Tom Elliott at Grabien listed the 19 times the feds were warned but the mass murderer slipped through.

# Summary Date Source
1 The 9/11 terrorists 09/11/2001 Coleen Rowley (former FBI special agent)
2 A terrorist attempting to blow up the NYC subway system (who backed out of the attack) 09/22/2009 PJMedia
3 The “Underwear Bomber” 12/25/2009 PJMedia
4 Fort Hood terrorist, Nidal Hasan 08/28/2013 Breitbart
5 The Boston Marathon bombers 04/15/2014 NBC News
6 Three who Americans who joined ISIS in Syria 05/14/2014 NBC News
7 ISIS-inspired American who killed three in Washington, one in New Jersey 08/06/2014 Seattle Times
8 Garland, Texas terrorists 05/03/2015 CBS News
9 Serial sexual molester, Dr. Lawrence Nassar 07/15/2015 The New York Times
10 A man shouting “Allahu Akhbar” while attacking patrons at an Israeli-owned deli 02/14/2016 PJ Media
11 Pulse Nightclub terrorist, Omar Mateen 06/12/2016 Grabien
12 A Va. man shouting “Allahu Akhbar” while stabbing a couple 08/23/2016 WSLS
13 NYC bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami 09/19/2016 The New York Times
14 Parkland mass killer, Nikolas Cruz 02/14/2018 BuzzFeed
15 Corey Johnson, who converted to Islam and killed a 13-year-old boy and stabbed a mom and her son 03/13/2018 WPEC
16 The Waffle House mass killer, Travis Reinking 04/22/2018 Grabien
17 Anthony Warner, the Nashville bomber 12/30/2020 WSMV
18 The Boulder shooter, Ahmad Al Issa 03/23/2021 The Daily Mail
19 The San Jose shooter, Samuel Cassidy [DHS previously detained him] 05/27/2021 The Wall Street Journal


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