Look who bought a college as a base of operations


George Soros donated $500 million to a very small, extraordinarily liberal college in New York — Bard College. One of our writers, Gennady Shkliarevsky, is a Professor Emeritus of History at Bard and he exposed this donation last year and wrote a few articles about it.

Bill O’Reilly just reported on it on Wednesday. He said Soros gave it to the college so he can fill it with his people and spread his insidious ideology throughout the country. O’Reilly says it will be a base of operations.


In one article from March, he called it an Unholy Alliance. Professor Shkliarevsky also wrote courageously about Soros’s Open Society Foundations indoctrinating youth. In yet another, he wrote a letter to the Bard Board of Trustees.

Professor Shkiarevsky said in March of last year, “This new venture, according to Mr. Soros, will pursue several objectives.  On one hand, he sees this new venture as a way to advance the cause of open society and to fight against authoritarian nationalism and climate change.  On the other hand, he also says that the creation of this network will promote quality education and “personal autonomy.”

So, yes, Soros is using the college as a base of operations. God help us.

Soros thinks he’s ‘kind of a god’ and he’s a communist or worse.

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