1st Fulton County Co-Defendant with Donald Trump Pleads Guilty


Scott Hall is one of the 18 defendants charged along with President Donald Trump for allegedly interfering with the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. He pleaded guilty to charges against him on Friday in exchange for five years probation.

He took a guilty plea to two counts of conspiracy to commit election fraud, conspiracy to commit computer theft, conspiracy to commit computer trespass, conspiracy to commit computer invasion of privacy, and conspiracy to defraud the state.

They are all misdemeanors.

Scott Hall, a bail bondsman, was a Republican poll watcher, and 18 others, including President Donald Trump, were indicted in Fulton County last month for conspiring to reverse Trump’s 2020 presidential election laws in the state. [In actuality, President Trump was trying to get evidence to determine if the election was rigged as he believed it was.]

Hall has agreed to testify in further proceedings as part of the agreement.

Hall had been charged with racketeering and a half dozen conspiracy charges related to alleged tampering with election equipment in Coffee County.

It sounds like Hall is going to become a witness for the prosecution.

Other co-defendants in the charges dealing with election equipment include Sidney Powell, Kathy Latham, and Misty Hampton.

Hall was indicted on charges of helping employees of an electronic forensics company, Sullivan Strickler, tamper with ballot markers and tabulating machines while inside the Coffee County elections office.

Hall allegedly flew from DeKalb Peachtree Airport to Douglas Municipal Airport in Coffee County on January 20, 2021 to help with the unlawful breach of equipment.

Hall also allegedly investigated potential election fraud, contacting other co-defendants, including former assistant attorney general Jeffrey Clark and Robert Cheeley, according to the indictment.

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