2 doctors indicted for actions eerily like those taken by Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf


The Massachusetts Attorney General has indicted two doctors on charges of criminal neglect in connection to the deaths of at least 76 veterans’ home residents who died of the COVID.

Bennett Walsh, 50, and David Clinton, 71, were indicted by a state grand jury on Thursday in connection to their work at the Holyoke Soldiers’ home in Massachusetts.

Each man was indicted on five counts, specifically for charges including “wantonly or recklessly” permitting or causing bodily harm and mistreatment of an older or disabled individual.

On March 27, dementia patients with COVID-19 and without were combined.

They made the decision because they were understaffed.

The residents we’re packed together and caught the contagious disease.

Isn’t this what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Pennsylvania Tom Wolf, did?

They all packed the elderly into nursing homes, some with and some without COVID-19. Cuomo had plenty of room in the Javitts Center and the Navy hospital ship yet they sent the most vulnerable elderly to homes with the most vulnerable, seeding the nursing homes. How are their actions different from these two doctors? Why aren’t they indicted?



  1. May this be the beginning of the dam breaking that holds back justice for those murdered by these governors and by the hatestream media and Gilead that held back the administration of the Zelenko Protocol. See Toronto Carribean Newspaper on Wed 9/30/20 for a promised “blockbuster” interview. Also see the websites aflds.com and medicineuncensored.com for more info on the #CURE for the #CCPVirus #WuhanFlu.

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