2 lawsuits calling for recognition of natural immunity


The fact that the CDC and ‘experts’ like the partisan Dr. Fauci have ignored natural immunity is stunning and a mystery. That may change. Finally, we are seeing lawsuits to challenge the standing order for vaccination despite natural immunity.

Israeli studies indicate that natural immunity protects people 27 times more than the vaccine. Additionally, there is a concern that a vaccine on top of the natural immunity could be too much.

Two lawsuits were filed against universities on this very issue.

One lawsuit is by a medical professor at the University of California-Irvine. Another is filed by a remote employee from Michigan State University. In both of these cases, these employees, what they argue is that the university’s mandate for the vaccination, that the policy offering no opt out for a natural immunity proof, violates their constitutional rights, including the guarantees to equal treatment under the law as well as to bodily autonomy.

Those particular cases hinge on the university’s role as government entities, and that subjects entities to stricter scrutiny under the Constitution. That is really different from the private sector employers that have much, much broader legal authority to adopt rules really as they see fit. Just the same, it is getting some interest and some attention in the private sector Yahoo News reports.

There’s a health care network called Spectrum Health out of Michigan, and they are already relying on this new research to change their mandatory policy and allow for proof of natural immunity in lieu of vaccination. So labor and employment attorneys, experts expect additional suits once this controversial OSHA rule is issued by the Department of Labor in the coming weeks. That rule is expected to require employers that have hundreds or more workers to mandate vaccination, reports Yahoo.

The government has no right to mandate what we put in our bodies and they have no right to bully corporations to do their bidding. We need to fight the growing tyranny.

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