“Professional and Business Like Taliban” Hang a Dead Body In Town Square


“Professional and Business Like Taliban” Hang a Dead Body In Town Square

The Taliban strung up a dead man in a public square in Western Afghanistan after authorities claimed he had been executed by police.

The Associated Press reported the man was one of four killed by authorities after allegedly taking part in a kidnapping.

Four bodies were brought to the town center in Herat, but Taliban officials decided to string up the dead men’s bodies in different places, said Wazir Ahmad Seddiqi, who runs a pharmacy in the Herat square.

The public display comes just hours after the Taliban’s top cop, Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, announced the country would be returning to Quran-era religious punishments like executions and limb amputations. During the Taliban’s previous stint, they famously held public executions in the country’s stadiums.

Although promising a kinder, gentler approach, many of today’s Taliban leaders are the same men who spent years horrifically torturing and murdering those with whom they disagreed.

The Biden crew described these sociopathic killers as being “professional and business-like”.  Of course, one could argue that may be the only foreign policy call these screwups have gotten right so far.

The downside for innocent Afghans, and Americans trapped behind enemy lines, is the Taliban’s main business is professionally slaughtering opponents.

Someone tell Hunter’s Father, and the clueless, woke misfits engineering one deadly foreign policy disaster after another.

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