2 little Utah girls, 9 & 4, crashed into a semi as they drove to the ocean


Police were shocked when they found out who crashed into a semi in West Jordan. It was two little girls from Utah, a 9-year-old and her 4-year-old sister, who said they were on their way to California to swim at the beach.

The girls grabbed their parents’ car keys while they were sleeping and took off, and managed to drive for ten miles before they crashed.

Fortunately, they remembered to put their seat belts on and walked away without injuries. The driver of the semi was fine.

The girls hopped a median as they were exiting and slammed into the truck. The car is probably totaled, and the semi had to be towed.

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RLA Bruce
1 year ago

The issue should be the sense of entitlement these kids have–taught to them by dumb parents who never denied their children anything. The one word that most helps kids turn out okay is “no”.

1 year ago

And what makes a 9 y/o think they can drive? Much less what kind of parents do they have? Maybe we need to have standards for being a parent and being Liberal, sparing the belt, or just plan being stupid should be disqualifies. Remember the RINO Mitt Romney comes from Utah so there must be a lot of Liberals there.

Duck McCloud
Duck McCloud
1 year ago

Reminds me of the police chase videos loop where a 9 year old boy gets out and starts running from a Mustang.
Ocean swimming isn’t all that and try to find a beach with the shower stalls on the shore.
Once family dropped a cam into the water and I spotted it and plucked it right out before the wave went back.
No way to spin or put a positive light on a tragic story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Duck McCloud

It is quite funny, however.