3 Possible Shooters Arrested in KC Parade


Three young black men were arrested in the shooting of 10 to 22 people at the Kansas City Chiefs parade, which left one person dead. There were 800 officers at the event, yet as many as 22 people were shot. The Mayor blamed it on guns.

A 45-year-old mother of two was killed.

City officials need to ban illegal guns in the hands of criminals, not legal guns in the hands of legal owners.

The culprits

One person has died after a shooting at the end of a celebration in Kansas City, Missouri. The celebration was for the Super Bowl-winning Chiefs, according to the police chief.

At least 10 to 15 people were injured, including three patients in critical condition. Five are in serious condition, and one has non-life-threatening injuries, a fire department official said.

Police said three armed people were taken into custody.


The parade started with Chiefs players crowded on double-decker buses, waving to fans as they rolled through the city. Star tight end Travis Kelce was spotted on the same bus as quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said he’s “as heartbroken as anybody” as well as “incredibly upset, disappointed” about the Kansas Chiefs Super Bowl shooting that took place today.

Lucas added he attended the celebration with his wife and mother.

“I don’t want us to have to in our country — for every big event — think about a concern of being shot,” he said during a Wednesday news conference.

The Democrat mayor of this Democrat city blamed it on the guns.

Given who the suspects are, this should fall right out of the news.

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