Serious Russian Capability Threat in Time for a $95B War Bill


The House Intelligence Committee chairman is warning of a new national security threat and is asking Joe Biden to declassify the threat. People should not be kept in the dark. However, it’s a major coincidence that it happens just as they want $95 Billion for the war machine and more than $60 billion for Ukraine.

It’s being reported that this new national security threat is a “highly concerning and destabilizing” Russian capability.

If it’s about nukes in space, how is that different from a missile?

And our borders are wide open. The only thing I will say is to exercise caution as the Uniparty is trying to drum up anti-Russia angst to get the Ukraine aid through. It’s sad to have to doubt even a threat, but skepticism is good.

Fox News thinks they could be referring to nuclear space weapons.

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