2 Recently Released NJ Inmates, 1 Due to the Pandemic, Charged With Murder


2 Recently Released NJ Inmates, 1 Due to the Pandemic, Charged With Murder

Yusuf Waites, 23, Jerry Crawford, 25

Jerry Crawford, 25, was serving time for burglary when he was let out on “public health emergency credits” to parole supervision on Nov. 4, prison officials confirmed to NJ.com Wednesday.  

Davion Scarborough

He has since been charged with the murder of Davion Scarbrough, 18, who was gunned down in Bridgeton on Nov. 6 — just two days after Crawford got out of South Woods State Prison.  

Guessing Jerry was healthy enough to squeeze off a shot or two, or more.

He was charged alongside Yusuf Waites — who had also just gotten out of custody less than a month before the shooting.

Waites, 23, was released from Garden State Youth Correctional Facility in Crosswicks on Oct. 10 after completing his sentence on a gun charge.

The pair were allegedly caught on surveillance video with Scarbrough shortly before his body was found riddled with multiple bullets less than half a mile from the prison from which Crawford had been released.  

Talk about returning to the scene of the crime.  The crime being letting Crawford out of prison.

Waites was especially active over the last 10 months.  Apparently, Yusuf has been part of a mini-crime.  In a sweeping indictment, he’s been charged, along with eight defendants, in the attempted killing of two other men. Waites has also been indicted in another killing, a drive-by shooting, and a daylight gun battle. 

Both men were indicted on charges of first-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder for Scarbrough’s fatal shooting.

Can the geniuses who let these two out be charged with anything?  How about losing qualified immunity, and then their jobs.  

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Telecaster with Ashtray
Telecaster with Ashtray
2 years ago

Ordo Ab Chao or order out of chaos.
Look on the back of your bottom dollar for the top down surveillance society, we are the weeds at the bottom.

2 years ago

One thing we can be certain of is that BLM doesn’t give a damn.