2 Republicans join Dems in voting for the 1-6 witch hunt committee


Nancy Pelosi launched her Select Committee today to weaponize the Capitol riot of January 6th. She likes to falsely claim the riot/protest was an insurrection. She apparently doesn’t think we have enough committees investigating, and there are several.

The AP reports the vote was 222-190 and two absolutely awful Republicans joined them – Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

Republicans objected that majority Democrats would be in charge.

The action came after Senate Republicans blocked the creation of an independent 9/11-style commission.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told lawmakers in the chamber, “We will be judged by future generations as to how we value our democracy.”

That’s a pathetic joke. This was a riot and mostly a protest. The DoJ is tracking down people who weren’t even inside or who were just walking around the Capitol.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about future generations. She only cares about power. This committee is only meant to destroy the GOP. They have zero interest in the truth.

We’re supposed to believe these people are honorable and acting from honorable motives.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who lost her position in GOP leadership because of her non-stop attacks on Trump and his supporters joined with Democrats. She declared, “Our nation, and the families of the brave law enforcement officers who were injured defending us or died following the attack, deserve answers.”

She’s a liar and knows full well that no officer died from the riot.

The other Republican was Kinzinger who always joins with Democrats on anything of importance.

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