21 million more will depend on the swamp with only one Dem bill!


Analysts predict that President Biden’s American Families Plan would add 21 million Americans to federal benefit programs.

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Hoover Institution fellows John F. Cogan and Daniel Heil discovered that the Biden administration’s $1.8 trillion omnibus bill would drastically expand the welfare state.

Is this a surprise to anyone? That’s what the administration wants to do. Democrats are breaking the system.

They have the other half of their party known as Republicans getting some of the actual infrastructure out of the way for them. Democrats can brag about it in 2022 and 2024. At the same time, they can move ahead with trillions in spending (Bernie wants $6 trillion in welfare and other socialist endeavors).


The WSJ analysts say more than half of working-age households would be on the entitlement rolls if the plan were enacted in its current form.

That’s perfect. The more government dependents, the more power in the central government controlled by them (leftist Democrats).

Families earning six figures would be eligible for generous handouts. The Joe Bama administration is going for the middle and upper-income classes. They will keep spending until the money runs out but they will have control of well more than half the country.

Bringing in the Middle Class

Two-parent households with two preschool-age children and incomes up to $130,000 would qualify for federal cash assistance for daycare. Single parents with two preschoolers and incomes up to $113,000 would qualify. And some families with incomes over $200,000 would be eligible for health insurance subsidies. Other parts of the plan, such as paid leave and free community college, have no income limits at all, according to the analysts.

Under the American Families Plan, 57% of all married-couple children would receive handouts, while over 80% of single-parent households would enter the entitlement rolls.

By increasing income taxes for wealthier Americans, introducing $2.3 trillion in federal expenditures, and spending with borrowed money, the legislation would slash output by 0.4% within the next three decades. The bill would also decrease the capital stock — the total amount of machinery, buildings, and other productive equipment in the American economy — by 1.2% over the same period.


It’s a recipe for a socialist country like Venezuela.

Economic growth would slow, investors would spend on government loans and not the private sector. It’s a perfect recipe for more power centralized with the swamp critters in DC.

Republicans need to stop giving Democrats wins with bipartisan deals making it easier for them to push through communistic deals.

The Double Cross

The recent double-cross by Biden and Pelosi with a demand for a human infrastructure bill after the GOP negotiated a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill was obviously going to happen. The Republicans, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of them knew it. If we knew it, they knew it.

And they are still going ahead with it, knowing it’s a double-cross!!!

Republicans might want to run things the way they were once but that would be myopic. The Left is going for it with open borders, crushing taxing and spending, enormous sums to be sent to foreign countries, destruction of law and order, and corruption of the vote. It’s all aimed at one thing — total control.

Republicans seem to be content to go home with some pork, and just accept the inevitable. You don’t hear them screaming about the double-cross or the open borders. Why aren’t they all down at the border railing?

We know why. They are of the swamp.

The entire infrastructure bill is nothing but a payoff to unions and donors. The projects will soak up money for years to come and they will never have to go back to the people for permission to keep spending.

We can’t build anything here reasonably because of all the regulations and the climate lunatics. That will only worsen.




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