$2 trillion relief bill passes the House, Trump will sign as .03% contract virus


The House passed the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill quickly and the President said he will sign it. They dismissed Rep. Massie’s complaints. He wanted everyone to say what they voted for since the way they voted is unconstitutional.

This virus still hasn’t peaked in this country but few come off the list when they recover so the numbers will keep going up.

At the present time, the virus is concentrated in certain areas. For the nation, only .03% of Americans have this illness.  New York has 47% of the country’s cases. In New York, that percentage of the population who have it is 2.2% compared to the national average of .03%, even with New York.

We should open up for business in areas that are unaffected.

The charts don’t include every person who has recovered so the charts and the scary red blobs will continue to rise. Few come off and more keep getting tested.

If you look at the Johns Hopkins chart, the United States is the leader and New York is the leader in the country in the number of cases. The state has more than 44,000 cases and the city has nearly 22,000 of those cases.

Seattle’s numbers are growing fast, but the governor of the state is incompetent. There are a lot of homeless and we don’t know if they are infected.


The stay at home orders are buying us time for a cure or a treatment and a vaccine. There are several anti-viral drugs that appear to be promising. The virus is still on the rise in every developed country except China, but communists lie. We don’t really know what their numbers are. South Korea is starting to level off, but not because of the weather. It is a very controlled society.

Stocks are pulling back after a three-day rally, but there are a couple of hours left for that to change.

There are more than 577,000 cases worldwide, the U.S. has more than 94,000 cases.

In Stony Brook University Hospital, most of the people on vents are over 70 years of age or people with underlying conditions. It is very sad. They are throwing every drug at these people.

Now Mexico has to worry and it’s warm there. Some very warm countries have this superbug. Perhaps the change in weather won’t matter.

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