Billionaire GOP Donor Adelson Pays All Workers, Filthy Rich Harvard Cans Some of Theirs


Billionaire and GOP donor Sheldon Adelson is the founder and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation (LSV).  Last week they announced they’d pay each of their 9,300 employees at the Palazzo and Venetian – even part-time staffers not scheduled to work – during a state-mandated 30-day closure of gaming properties.

Salaried employees and hourly workers would be compensated during the temporary suspension of business.

“All full-time and full-time flex and hourly Team Members will be paid a minimum of 32 hours a week, whether working on the schedule, working from home, or are just not scheduled and confined to home.”

LSV is also taking steps to help part-time workers and those, such as bartenders, restaurant staff, and valets, that derive substantial parts of their incomes from tips.

“All On-Call Hourly Team Members will be paid based on the average hours worked in February 2020, up to a maximum of 32 hours per week.  This will apply even when not scheduled to work all while the resort is closed.”

Compare that to Harvard’s treatment of subcontracted dining hall workers.

The Ivy League school, which is a bastion of progressive thought, and boasts a $40 billion endowment, has chosen to serve those serving some of the most basic needs of the student population, with collective pink slips.

The contrast is instructive is it not?

Sheldon Adelson, often targeted by “progressives” as one of those greedy billionaire Republicans who cares nothing about his grassroots, faceless employees, is keeping over 9,000 of those people on the payroll during this crisis.

Meanwhile, filthy rich Harvard, considered a beacon of enlightened thinking by fawning liberal elitists across our nation, has as of this writing, refused to part with about 0.001 of their endowment; even though that money would help sustain roughly 300 dining hall workers through their time of need.

Who’d you rather work for?

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