PC killed people in New York City with its 23,000 Cov-19 patients


New York City is the epicenter of the Coronavirus and it has not reached its peak. It should come as no surprise. There is no mystery about it. It’s 50% foreigners and they picked it up in China and Europe. People live and work closely together. Those are not the biggest stories, however.

We don’t know the ethnicity of victims and that is probably a factor since the politically correct health commissioner for the city told the Asians to congregate for the Chinese New Year celebrations since claiming to say otherwise is xenophobic and racist.

What is happening in the cities, particularly New York doesn’t have to happen in the rest of the country — that is nonsense.

Most to blame are the incompetent Mayor Bill de Blasio and his incompetent appointees. The press gives him a pass. He did everything wrong that anyone could possibly do wrong.

His education chancellor tried to keep the schools open when everyone knew they had to close. He told everyone to comingle and his health commissioner said the same. They didn’t want to be racist like the President who banned travel with China on January 31st.

PC is killing people in New York City! That is NOT hyperbole.



We already posted these clips more than once, but in case you didn’t see them, take a look.


New York is the leader with more than 23,000 cases as of 1:00 pm. The city is doing far worse than even California and Washington who appear to have it under some semblance of control.

The majority of New York State’s cases are in New York City where Mayor Bill de Blasio did nothing. The media seems unwilling to hold him accountable.

The hospitals are in meltdown and the virus is starting to increase out further on the island as city dwellers flee.

PC Is Killing People in New York City

New York City told the residents to go ahead with the Chinese New Year celebration and parade in February when everyone knew we should not be congregating. The health commissioner, in particular, allowed political correctness to guide her thinking, although the mayor and others are just as PC and just as culpable.

The city health commissioner, a week after the President banned travel from China, told everyone it is not transmitted by community spread.

She needs to be removed from her position:

Political correctness seriously affected New York City:

While the media uses the disease to hurl insults at the President, they let de Blasio skate. He is the man directly responsible for this New York City spread.

How about this in mid-February:

This is the buffoon who is at least partly responsible, not the President:



Correction: We apologize for an error we made. We said NYC had 44,000 cases, but that is the entire state. They have almost 23,000.

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