2 Women Beaten, 1 Disfigured Didn’t Warrant Bail for Career Criminal


New York City Life With Dangerous, Homeless People Free to Assault Anyone

A homeless man charged with beating some random guy last year was dumped back on the street thanks to ‘bail reform’, only to allegedly beat up two women in Upper West Side attacks Thursday. Then he was freed again! He’s free right now.

Darrell Johnson, 23, left one of his random female victims so brutally beaten that she suffered a “disfiguring laceration” to her face, according to law enforcement.

Johnson has been arrested more than a dozen times since 2014. He began his criminal career at age 16.  Last year, he beat some random man, punching him in the face with a closed fist over and over.

Johnson then allegedly “used his feet to kick and stomp” the man in the Aug. 3, 2020, attack.

A Manhattan judge released him without bail, saying the charges didn’t require bail. The new laws don’t give judges discretion, but a lot of the leftist NYC judges are just fine with it.

Once back on the street, he beat up a 50-year old woman for no reason. She is now disfigured.

Within a few minutes, he assaulted another woman, 32 years old.

The NYC prosecutor recommended release and the DA said the charges do not warrant bail – beating and disfiguring a woman are not serious enough to warrant bail or imprisonment. That is what the DA’s office told the NY Post.


This leftist group is dishonest. This bail reform gives the screaming leftists excuses to attack the system. The laws give an excuse to leftist DAs and judges to do exactly this. The laws aren’t bail ‘reform’. They are aimed at destroying our justice system.



  1. A ROI for Soros prosecutors.
    Failed Nation status for UN/CCP intervention.
    Law and Order are constructs of the white male capitalist patriarchy and there will be no protection outside of mommygov in Wakanda.
    Wakanda is mandatory and your vote will be switched at 3AM by Dominion Smartmatic.

  2. And people wonder why I love living in a community where most people are packing heat. When Guys like Darrell Johnson are lucky enough to be arrested, they usually can’t make bail. Where my brother lives in Louisiana, the Alligators are well fed. Randomly beating up a woman just isn’t tolerated. Actually, a career criminal animal like this guy might be held without bail for his own protection.

    What is truly inhuman is disarming people, especially woman, so that they have no protection against the animals in society.

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