Something Bad Is About to Happen to Our Economy



The United States is becoming more and more reliant on globalism. We have outsourced our manufacturing, including drugs, steel, minerals, much of it to our enemy, China.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve was given power over devaluation and stagflation. Since the financial crisis of 2007, they have printed money, devaluing our buying power and now they are addicted to it.

The Feds went from managing our money to printing valueless money to controlling interest rates to controlling the stock market, but the market is not the economy. It’s a gambler’s playpen that will not survive if the economy collapses. It’s as real as a roulette wheel.

Our inflation is now running away from us and the Feds will have to do something.

Our money is devalued and we have borrowed so much more than we take in that we are at grave risk. Despite that, the fools we elected want to spend more and give more away to deadbeats or foreigners. Did I say fools? Maybe this is brilliant and they are trying to destroy the economy to pave the way for communist globalism.

If the dollar is devalued too much, all those overseas dollars will come flooding back into the U.S. The result is an inflationary tsunami — massive liquidity.

The Feds can let the inflation continue, raise interest rates, or cancel inflationary stimulus programs and hurt the stock market.

If they raise interest rates, the entire economy slows down.

The Feds are not out for our best interests, but rather their own, and whatever those interests are, they are not good.


Sophie’s Choice is coming — stagflation, or deflationary depression, forcing prices down until they bottom out, wherever the bottom is and no one really knows for sure. Stagflation follows when prices continue to rise while wages and consumption stagnate.

Right now, it looks like stagflation is the winner.

We don’t have the marketplace deciding the economy, government planners are deciding the economy.

The planners can stop “stimulating” and permit a full-scale credit collapse, or continue stimulating until the dollar loses all value and society breaks down.


Depending on which they choose, we will have a depression characterized by deflation or by hyperinflation.

It looks like hyperinflation is it! What choice do they have? Our goods are stranded at sea thanks to the red to red pipeline (China to Cali) and the price goes up every day they are not unloaded. Truckers are disappearing and people are put out of work over unscientific vaccine mandates. Easy money funds many worthless college degrees and the taxpayers get to pay for defaults. Easy money funds homes and all sorts of things as their value goes down.

The government is lying about it and trying to hide it. They are pretending the supply chain problem is fixed — which it nowhere is — and they are telling newsrooms to do a better job of lying about it.

According to official consumer price index (CPI) calculations and Fed data, we are now witnessing the largest inflation surge in over 30 years, but the real story is much more concerning. The CPI is manipulated. It is much worse than they are saying. The numbers have been manipulated for decades.

All of this is because Biden is killing our energy sector, killing off industries with idiotic vaccine mandates, and heavy regulations. He has the media backing him up with lies so people don’t know what is going on. When they do realize, it will likely be too late. We can’t make it to 2024 like this.


This looks like a capitulation to The Great Reset, which Joe Biden, John Kerry, and other Democrats have forcefully signed on to. It gives all power to elites and keeps the rest of us subservient.

The “Great Reset” —  the World Economic Forum goal – is “The 4th Industrial Revolution.” It includes communism: Universal Basic Income (UBI), the “Sharing Economy” and eventually a global digital currency system.

It is global communism run by technocrats and all of the peasants will rely on the government for survival.

Only a catastrophe can bring it about. That catastrophe is the economic collapse of the United States and we are on our way.

What was that Biden said about it not being about our freedom?

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