2 Young ASU Racists Who Tormented 2 White Boys Were Found Guilty


Two black students at Arizona State University have been found ‘guilty’ of ‘interfering with university activities’ after they harassed two white students studying inside a ‘multicultural learning space.’

You might remember how they harassed two white students who were with an Asian student. The university finally gave out a mild punishment.

They unleashed a nine-minute diatribe after they were disciplined for taunting two white male students who entered the college’s multicultural space.

On Monday, Mastaani Qureshi, an undergraduate, and Sarra Tekola a graduate student posted a video on social media alleging ASU had carried out an investigation into their actions and called for them to write a three-page paper.

They trashed the university for their allegedly biased, racist decision.

The young men they tormented are not white supremacists and did nothing to be maligned. These two are obviously racist and they are black supremacists. It’s too bad they’ve been indoctrinated. They are going out into the world as miserable people.


The Ruling

In its ruling, the university wrote that to the pair that it  “expects that such dialogues will be both respectful toward other parties and mindful of the setting in which they occur.

“In this instance, the confrontation captured on video was not respectful dialogue and its heated nature in an enclosed space where numerous other students were studying caused disruption to their activities as well as to the previously quiet study activities of the students who you confronted.'”

From their response, it’s clear the two racists don’t have the strength of character to admit to their mistake.

This is part of their original harangue in case you forget:

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