202 Democrats Vote to Give Illegals Representation in Congress


Reposted from 5/9 at noon

The House passed H.R. 7109, which requires “a citizenship question on the decennial census, to require reporting on certain census statistics, and to modify the apportionment of Representatives to be based on United States citizens instead of all individuals.”

The Constitution gives illegal aliens representation in the House and Electoral College. This bill adds Congress and eliminates non-citizens. However, Democrats voted against it.

Even though it passed, 202 House Democrats voted against it.

Chip Roy posted the following on X:

“ALERT – 202 radical Progressive Democrats in the US House unanimously voted to ensure illegal aliens are represented the same as American citizens in Congress and, thus, the Electoral College math for President! The @HouseGOP unanimously voted for #USCitizensOnly. #VOTE2024”

Senate Democrats might not even bring this to a vote. Therefore, Illegal aliens would still be represented in Congress.

It’s too late, anyway. By the decennial census, The illegal aliens will have decided our future.

Several people have said this is misinformation., but they are confusing the bill with what Stephen Miller says in the clip below.  His point is that 202 Democrats want illegal aliens represented, which means it will die in the Senate. You can read the bill here.

I can’t listen to this at 12:30 pm. If you can, it should help clarify.

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