2022 Saw an Avg. of More Than 1 Law Officer Killed Weekly, as 3,701 Cops Fled the NYPD 


2022 Saw an Avg. of More Than 1 Law Officer Killed Weekly,

as 3,701 Cops Fled the NYPD 

Last year proved to be another very deadly time for America’s law officers, with more than one cop murdered every week on average.  

Disgraceful Dead Cop message during the Defund the Police movement.

The year ended with 61 killed in the line of duty: 58 were intentionally shot, and three killed by perpetrators using their motor vehicles as deadly weapons. Of those, 34 were murdered while handling 911 calls and 23 during domestic disturbances.

The most common characteristic linking 55 of the murdered cops was perpetrators who were wanted criminals or actively committing a crime.

The violent mentally ill were also involved in a significant number of attacks on police. Notably, 24 (39%) of last year’s cop murderers were described as having some kind of mental illness.

Another dangerous group is convicted criminals, including illegal immigrants, because activist prosecutors and lenient judges continue to prematurely release them upon the public: In 2022, by some estimates, 38% of the cop-killers should have still been in jail or deported.

Among the first murders of the year: two NYPD Officers, Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora —were ambushed on Jan. 21, 2022, while handling a domestic disturbance. In a tragic, year-long, recurring theme documented above, these officers were shot by a convicted felon described as mentally ill.  

It should be no surprise that in Democrat-run, pro-criminal, anti-cop New York,  3,701 of Rivera and Mora’s fellow officers either retired or resigned over the last 12 months.  That number represents the highest since the post-9/11 exodus in 2002.

Bail reform, resentment for the city’s vaccination mandate, the defund-the-police movement, cops feeling disrespected, and the lure of higher pay and lower stress proved to be the final push out the door for many cops.

Case in point is Alexandre Tilan, 29, who had six years on the job. He joined the St. Petersburg Police Department in Florida a month later. “Since I’ve been here, there’s been more respect,” stated Tilan.

Alexandre continued that in New York, there is “professional frustration” when you make an arrest and the suspect is out “before the paperwork was dry.”

It’s hard to imagine, given the media’s lack of coverage regarding 2022’s heartbreaking numbers and the Democrats’ callous attitude toward those numbers, things will be much better in 2023.  

The outlook would seem to be our Thin Blue Lines, whether through early attrition or wholly avoidable murders, being thinned even further.  

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1 year ago

A reality is that Liberals don’t like Law & Order; they are deep down a bunch of anarchist because they never matured into adulthood. They brains still function like little child and they are driven by feelings, wants, and desires, without Logic or a sense of Community. Liberals can’t deal with Responsibility or Morality. By confining more and more of these “grown children” into higher and higher density Big Blue Cities, we just push them over the Edge.

City Dwellers are no longer part of generational Families living on the Family Farm. In losing strong ties to Family, they lose a strong tie to reality. Many now fall into the Clinical Definition of Psychopath. Most Liberals don’t belong in Jail, more and more they belong in a Padded Cell or in a permanent “Holiday Camp”. Liberals are a danger to themselves and others. Many are so dysfunctional in an increasingly more complex modern world that they appear to be programmed to be failures because they can’t keep up with the changes in Society brought on by Technology.

Alvin Toffler warned us about this in his book “Future Shock” back in 1970, but Liberals ignored it. Liberals became users of Technology without understanding it so today they are slaves of technology. But then, we were warned over 50 years ago!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Like spouses who cheat many innocents are hurt and there is a day of reckoning, for those who did not consider the consequences of their actions.