O Globo: Jair Bolsonaro Hospitalized in Orlando


O Globo News reports that Jair Bolsonaro, the former President of Brazil, is hospitalized in Orlando today with ‘abdominal pain.”

Jair Bolsonaro, under a lot of stress, now hospitalized, according to O Globo.

This is the day after the riots at the Brazil Capital, now ended. It comes on the day Biden’s far-left Democrats call for Bolsonaro’s extradition to Brazil. President Lula, a communist, promises to punish him, blaming him for the riots.

Bolsonaro has a history of intestinal blockages and has suffered intestinal damage from the 2018 stabbing at his campaign rally, O Globo noted.

Bolsonaro only recently conceded and refused to attend Lula’s inauguration. He has been in Florida since two days before the Lula inauguration. He’s in danger. So far, 1200 rebels are under arrest, reports Popular.

O Globo said his most recent hospitalization was in November.


The Supreme Court of Brazil suspended the governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, Ibaneis Rocha, from his position for 90 days, after the events of this Sunday. Thousands of Bolsonaro protesters and anti-Lula revels entered and damaged the facilities of the headquarters of the three powers of the state by fostering the conditions for a coup against President Lula da Silva, Popular reports. It sounds like Merrick Garland is their advisor.

The measure was adopted by Judge Alexandre de Moraes, a member of Brazil’s highest court of Justice, who also ordered the state security forces and bodies to free any road or public building occupied by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro throughout the country, according to the local press.

The judge responded to a claim from Lula’s allies, based on the fact that “the violent escalation” against the headquarters of the three powers “could only occur with the consent, and even the effective participation” of the competent authorities for public security and intelligence.

Rocha won with 69% of the popular vote. Usually, a judge can’t take down a governor. That is currently in contention. During the campaign, he made it clear that he supports Bolsonaro.

The judge is a Lula supporter.

The former president said he had no involvement in the riots by his supporters and other rebels who believed the election was corrupt.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Peaceful demonstrations, within the law, are part of democracy. However, vandalism and the invasion of public buildings like today’s acts, and like those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, are an exception.”

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