210 Democrats Cheer Reckless Spending – The Big Storm Is Coming


210 Democrats want to spend recklessly and with abandon. They are attempting to bring a clean debt ceiling bill to the floor, mostly to make it seem as if Republicans are responsible for reneging on our debt should that happen.

Biden won’t even cut pandemic funds. Democrats are considering misusing the 14th Amendment to ignore any efforts by Republicans to get control of the debt and deficit.

“Nearly every House Democrat – 210 – has endorsed an effort to make an end run around House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and bring a clean debt ceiling increase forward for a vote that doesn’t include spending cuts for the federal government,” Fox News reports.

“At the direction of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., Democrats collected signatures for a discharge petition on Wednesday morning to force a vote on legislation to the floor. It doesn’t matter if the majority objects.”

House Republicans put forward a debt ceiling bill that raises the debt ceiling while rolling back some Biden waste and calling for a work requirement for the able-bodied receiving welfare.

A discharge petition requires a simple majority of 218 votes, but Democrats only have 213 seats. It is likely they will get the 213, but 218 might not be in the cards.

Republicans across the spectrum have thus far been united behind their call for spending cuts to pair with any debt limit hike.


Do you think Jim Caviesel is right?  He says a big storm is coming, and we all know it.

Why won’t anyone do anything? He calls for us to just unite. If only…

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