Which Ad Do You Like Better? Bud Light, Miller Lite, or Ford’s Gay Raptor


Liberty Daily put up the new gay Ford truck ad titled “Ford Flushes 120 Years of Reputation Down the Toilet With New Homosexual-Themed Truck.”

It’s the “very Gay Raptor.” See what you think of the ad.

What do you think?

As a refresher

Miller Lite:

Molson Coors took a different tack from Bud Light in dealing with negative responses:

On Tuesday, Adam Collins, chief communications and corporate affairs officer of Molson Coors, told Newsweek: “People can take issue with our ads or our brands, but we won’t stand by as people personally attack our employees—especially given that these are company decisions, and are never made by one single person.”

“What we saw [with] Miller Lite, and especially Adam Collins, was rightly defend Elizabeth Hitch and her work to create advertising that—shocker of all shockers—celebrates women, and their role in beer making in history during a national women’s month,” O’Keefe remarked. “So I think the responses have been markedly different, and I think the result will be significantly different.

“I would expect Miller Lite to have very little pushback from this. I think they rightly identify that it was a fringe amount of people complaining about it.”

Bud Light Ad

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