Few Have Mentioned the Central Theme of the Durham Report


We knew much of what was in the report, but as Alan Dershowitz says, the central theme is much more than that. The report shows there was far more objective verified intelligence to open up an investigation of Hillary Clinton.


“The central thesis of the Durham report, what the Durham report shows, is that there was an absolute double standard … the report shows there was far more objective verified intelligence to open up an investigation of Hillary Clinton,” Dershowitz said in an interview with Forbes newsroom.

There was no predicate for the Trump investigation.

Hillary Has Chutzpah

We knew most, if not all, of the facts about what occurred three years ago, but the bias comes into greater focus with this report

Dershowitz says he knew some of the 51 people who signed the infamous intel letter and insists they are good people. “But as Justice Brandeis said 100 years ago, “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

Dershowitz insists, “These folks don’t understand or refuse to understand how dangerous what they did is. It was HL Mencken who once said that if you really want to fight for liberty you have to defend some of the worst people, people you hate, because they go after them first.”

That reminds me of who the first deplatformed blogger was – Alex Jones. He was the most vulnerable.

Mr. Dershowitz noted that the same people who praised his appointment are now vilifying him because they don’t like the results.

As for the impeachments, Dershowitz said they were illegal. They didn’t go after Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors. They went after him for abuse of power.

Forbes Interview:
Eli Lake had much the same take. Writing for The Free Press, he felt the Durham Report shows us that despite earlier hype, they didn’t persecute Hillary as people claimed; they protected her.
At the same time, the FBI was looking at Hillary Clinton’s emails; they were looking at Russiagate.

“If the Durham report shows anything, it is that the FBI leadership bent over backward to protect Clinton’s campaign while launching a full investigation into Trump’s campaign on the thinnest of pretexts. In other words, the FBI was not really the Clinton campaign’s persecutor, as so many insisted over the past few years, as much as its protector.

“The speed and manner in which the FBI opened and investigated Crossfire Hurricane during the presidential election season based on raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence,” the Durham report observes, referring to the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign, “reflected a noticeable departure from how it approached prior matters involving possible attempted foreign election interference plans aimed at the Clinton campaign.”

“Consider the bureau’s approach to Clinton.

“The Durham report notes that, in early 2016, a confidential FBI source arranged for a sizable donation to Clinton’s campaign from a foreign country. Instead of taking steps to learn what might be in the works, the bureau eventually instructed the source to stay away from the Clinton campaign. Then, it offered Clinton’s lawyers what is known as a defensive briefing, so Clinton was aware of the foreign country’s efforts to help her.

“The double standard is unmistakable: Trump was never offered a defensive briefing when the FBI began probing his campaign, whereas the bureau gave Clinton not one but two such briefings between 2014 and 2016.”

The other obvious point that needs to be made is that the FBI and the DOJ are corrupt and have only gotten worse under Merrick Garland.

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