2300 Flights Canceled on Christmas Eve


Hundreds of flights across the country have been canceled on Christmas Eve, allegedly, as surging virus cases put pressure on airlines. It’s unnecessary since the planes have the cleanest air of almost any indoor space.

The airlines like to ignore the reality and just say it’s because of the weather or surging COV, but in fact, they have fired too many people and many are rebelling by calling in sick. Many of the vaccine mandates are seriously harming this country and they don’t work. They haven’t worked.

The mandates requiring healthy people to quarantine is another one-size-fits-all absurdity.

The airline industry says it is contending with staff shortages that threaten to hamper operations amid the COVID resurgence, and Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian called on the CDC to revise its guidance for vaccinated workers who test positive from a 10-day quarantine to just five. Chuck Liberman, chief investment officer, and managing partner at Advisors Capital Management LLC told Cheddar he believes the omicron variant calls for more relaxed guidance given its reportedly mild symptoms.

The unnecessary masks, the shortage of pilots and workers is a problem for all airlines following the mandates currently being challenged in the court system.

It has also caused plane tickets to skyrocket.

Thank you, Joe, and your comrades in the White House.

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