26-Year-Old Policeman Shot & Killed Investigating Drunken Man in Parking Lot


“Tell my family I love them.”
~ Officer Dia’s last words

Just after midnight on July 4th 26-year-old Ohio Police Officer Anthony Hussein Dia was called to investigate a man, in a Home Depot parking lot, who was reported to be drunk.

According to police, “Dia responded to a call regarding an intoxicated male, 57-year-old Edward Henry, walking around the parking lot of a Home Depot on Alexis Road in Toledo. Once on the scene, Dia approached the male to check his safety. Witnesses stated that they saw the male turn around and fire a round from a handgun, striking Dia.

Henry, who had several bench warrants out, was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Officer Dia, who joined the department two years ago, had a wife, Jayme, along with 8 and 6-year-old sons.  For his birthday in January 2019, Officer Dia asked for donations to help Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization that helps the family and co-workers of officers involved in line-of-duty deaths. The organization provides resources to help rebuild their lives.

Here are some of the tributes paid to him.

Toledo Mayor Kapszukiewicz said, “He was not only one of Toledo’s bravest and best police officers he’s also someone who contributes to the diversity that makes our country and city so great.”

Anthony’s cousin Charles Scheib, said, “This was a random, senseless act. Everyone that knew Anthony knew he was a good, kind-hearted man. He was a devoted Muslim, prayed five times a day, a big follower of the Ahl al-Bayt. His beliefs played a role in his service to his community.”

Officer Dia’s father, Younes, “Tony” Dia, frequently posted content supporting officers around the country, and he even attended a pro-police rally in downtown Toledo just days ago.

Commenting after his son’s brutal murder he said, “We just all need to love each other, forgive each other. To me, love always beats hate. They’re [police] human, give them another chance if you had a bad run-in with them.”

There will be no second chances for his son, Officer Anthony Hussein Dia, who was gunned down after simply answering a call to check on the well being of someone who’d had too much to drink.

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