Cancel culture attacks Mary Hart after she hosted the Mt. Rushmore celebration


Mary Hart, the former “ET” host, served as ‘Master of the Ceremony’ at the celebration on Mount Rushmore on Friday with the President and Melania. She is now being canceled by the mob.

All the hate, all of it, comes from the leftists.

Ms. Hart is from South Dakota, and her son is an aide to the President. She is a longtime Republican, but the haters decided that anyone who disagrees with them needs to have his/her reputations smeared on social media

Daily Beast Editor Molly Jong-Fast accused Mary Hart of flashing a white power symbol. These leftist haters are insane. It was a harmless OK gesture which she made as she told the audience they were “incredible.”

Quite a few people declared that Ms. Hart was flashing a white power symbol, and it’s been shared thousands of times. It’s a complete and utter lie. These people can’t be that stupid.

Yashar Ali added some sanity.

The haters are trying to put it on her Wikipedia page.:

And the hate goes on:

And there are those who see racism everywhere:

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