3 New Anti-Republican Media Scandals for Monday, Starting with Ramp-Gate


We figured we’d let you know about the faux media scandals for Monday that the social media and the media have been working on to distract from the new information on the coup and the insanity of the rioting, far-left Democrats in Seattle and throughout the nation.

There’s ramp-gate, Mary Trump-gate, and Jim Jordan-gate.

All of the three attacks are just the beginning of what we will see from the left as they do their best to interfere in the November election. It will be non-stop and the media often uses Twitter and Facebook ‘trends’ as a basis for their vile attack articles.


The left noted that the President walked down a ramp very gingerly after his commencement speech. You won’t hear about his speech but you will hear about this. They’ve left the ‘President is fat’ story for a while and now want you to think he can’t walk because he walked carefully down a ramp.

Never mind the fact that they are running a frail, senile man who can’t string two sentences together.

The President explained there was no handrail and it was slippery. He wasn’t going to fall for the fake news. But the usual thousands of leftists on Twitter, like the infamous leftist Brooklyn Dad and Palmer Report, who represents at least a few of the illnesses in the DSM, blasted out vulgar and insulting smears.

The message is if you support Trump, they will get you.


Donald Trump’s niece Mary is writing a nasty book that will be out this summer. In it, she will claim that the President cut off his grand nephew’s healthcare — Fred III’s son when they contested the grandfather’s will. He didn’t have to provide healthcare in the first place.

She also leaked those meaningless tax returns in 2018 and has more to say about his taxes.

Mary is a left-wing psychologist and life-coach. Her anti-Trump book is titled, “Too Much And Never Enough,” due out August 11. She is the daughter of the alcoholic Trump brother who died in 1981 at age 43. She and her brother Fred III contested Trump’s father’s will in 2000.

She will include damning quotes from Trump’s sister, the judge.

All of Fred Trump Sr.’s grandchildren received $200,000 from the estate, and the majority was split between his four surviving children. Mary Trump and Fred Trump III argued it should have been split five ways. According to the Daily News, Donald Trump said he was fulfilling his father’s wishes to not treat Mary and Fred III differently than the other grandchildren. He said his niece and nephew were not given special treatment because the family did not like their mother.

Mary had owned, perhaps still owns, several businesses.

Democrat Mary found it “utterly horrifying” that he won and tweeted that out to fellow leftists on the night of his election.

Her Twitter profile states, “#blacklivesmatter, 🏳️‍🌈,she/her/hers.”


Ron Perlman, whose claim to fame is playing Hellboy, got into a Twitter feud with Matt Gaetz and at least one exchange with Ted Cruz. Then he slammed Jim Jordan, claiming he’s ugly. He constantly trashes Donald Trump.

Hellboy, Ron Perlman, and Matt Gaetz got into a feud on Twitter: “I only PLAY scumbags and grifters. You’re the real deal,” he said. Matt Gaetz then received vile comments from the usual sewer rats from MoveOn and other Soros groups.

The losers also once again accused Jim Jordan of knowing about a doctor who may or may not have had gay experiences with college athletes.

Then Ted Cruz supported Jim Jordan. Cruz was then vilified by the sewer rats and Perlman, from mocking his nose, to vulgar descriptions of what he should do with his tongue, to insults against his wife. They even put pornographic photos and videos up.

Many of them were so hateful and so vulgar, I can’t repeat them. I reported each one, but Twitter won’t do a thing.


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