Academy Awards will accept BLM brainwashing


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Awards can never give enough awards to women, LGBTs, blacks, Hispanics, Iranians, and so on. If they give too many to white people, especially men, the swords come out. They keep trying to please the hard-left but they are an insatiable mob. This year, they must go one step further and provide training in holding the proper thoughts in response to pressure from groups like Black Lives Matter.

The Academy has a history of displeasing the mob. They had to dump Kevin Hart and went without a host after some lunatics dug up his old tweets that they didn’t like.

No one can tweet anything they don’t like, no matter how insignificant or old the tweet.

HBO just dumped Gone With the Wind, which accurately portrays the history of the times and which gave the first Academy Award to a black woman, the wonderful Hattie McDaniel. It is one of the most beloved films of all time and it swept the Oscars in 1939.


Far-left Hollywood still isn’t woke enough and now must bow to the Marxist Black Lives Matter, an international group of radicals who received $33 million from George Soros. Their wishes are the Academy’s commands.

The Academy has established new eligibility standards that should drag down the quality of the entrants, but they will be inclusive and that’s all that counts.

They delayed the approval of the new rules over George Floyd’s funeral.

Yes, they did.

The organization will return to a minimum of 10 best picture nominees to make sure they include diversity as opposed to just picking good ones. There will be year-round viewings so no diverse anything is missed. And governors will change more frequently.

Bias training for all

Best of all, unconscious bias training will be mandatory for all Academy governors, branch executive committee members, and Academy staff on an annual basis, and will also be offered to the organization’s roughly 9,000 members.

You will be indoctrinated, yes you will. You will be forced to believe exactly as they demand.

In addition, Asia Dillon, an actress, for those who never heard of her and are probably happier that way, she wants the Screen Actors Guild to stop gendering its award categories. You know why — because there are hundreds of genders and some people choose different ones on different days. We must all cater to them, baby.

And when all the pandering is done, the movies come out a lot worse and it still won’t be enough for the most mentally ill on the left.

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