3 or 4X-married Ilhan Omar doubles funds to her new hubby’s company


Rep. Ilhan Omar, who married her previous husband twice (she says it was one marriage), and her brother — allegedly — in between, then cheated on her husband 1/3 with the man she recently married. Husband 1/3 is the father of her three children.

Her new husband Tim Mynett owns a company called the E Street group, which provides consultation and fundraising for Omar. She just doubled the amount she is funneling to the company.

In the first three months, she gave the company $290,000. At that rate, she will give the company $1.16 million by the end of the year.

Last year, she gave the company $523,000.

Omar employed the firm before her marriage to Mynett, which she announced last month.

That is such a nice lucrative situation she has set up for herself. It seems like a typical progressive scheme with money laundering overtones unless he is really providing the services. One would think he would do it at a discount.

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