How Sweden Is Doing with Modified Social Distancing


The media picks on Sweden and Brazil because they mostly rely on herd immunity during the coronavirus crisis. One report today suggests that Sweden, with its liberal, generous immigration policy, is not taking care of their minorities since they are overrepresented in Wuhan Virus cases. There is no personal responsibility anymore.

Sweden has been adamant that closing down the economy when it’s not sustainable is not a good idea. Sweden relied on advisories although they have the power to enforce stay-at-home, and the U.S. and EU media have been highly critical. Sweden insists they are following the advice of scientists.

Brazil followed the same model as Sweden.

Almost half of the deaths in Sweden are in nursing homes. In Suffolk County where the Sentinel is based, half of the deaths from the virus are in nursing homes or old age homes. That is true around the world. People affected are the elderly, the obese, and the sick. Children are not affected. In the U.S. it has affected fewer than 18 while the flu has been responsible for more children dying this year.

There are a lot of holes in the numbers because we don’t have a denominator and every country counts differently. But generally, we might be able to say Sweden isn’t doing any worse than anyone else. Perhaps they will fare better.

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