3 San Fran Board Members Recalled, 1 Calls Parents ‘White Supremacists’


San Francisco voters approved the recall of school board President Gabriela Lopez, Vice President Faauuga Moliga, and Commissioner Alison Collins. All three are far-far-left progressives. It has to be pretty bad for San Francisco parents to rise up.


Ms. Lopez was the Board president. She wouldn’t open the schools because the teachers’ union didn’t want it. But she did spend a lot of time trying to rename the schools named after historical heroes. She decided that white supremacists were behind the recall.

You see what she’s doing, don’t you? She’s racist and is labeling all white people as white supremacists. There is no way the liberal and leftist parents in San Fran are white supremacists.

“So if you fight for racial justice, this is the consequence,” Lopez said after losing the recall.  “Don’t be mistaken, white supremacists are enjoying this. And the support of the recall is aligned with this.”

She modified her tone in a blog post on Medium,  pointing to “hurt and fear” over the pandemic. She added that it shouldn’t “circumvent our right to a democratic process.”

The parents did use the democratic process. They regretted their votes for the three progressives and corrected their error through a legal, Democratic process.

After Lopez accused the parents of white supremacism, a WaPo reporter corrected her.


David Weigel, a political reporter at The Washington Post, responded to the tweet by questioning Lopez’s argument.

“The ‘yes’ vote for recall was racially diverse, including hundreds of non-citizen immigrants who were eligible to participate- the “white supremacist” charge just didn’t convince anyone,” he wrote on Twitter.

The board members tossed merit-based admissions at the elite Lowell High School where most students are Asian – not white supremacists.

The children who worked hard and earned admission were being rejected because they were white or Asian. That is the very definition of racism.

Commissioner Collins had her own problems. In 2016, she tweeted comments considered racist against Asian-Americans.


The recall effort was bankrolled by billionaires and millionaires, led by Arthur Rock, who poured more than $500,000 into the campaign.

Basically, Ms. Lopez called Silicon Valley leftists ‘white supremacists’.

You have to love it. Remember this — Silicon Valley parents are WHITE SUPREMACISTS even if they’re not white.

Silicon Valley doesn’t like the rules when they affect their children, and they get vilified like the Right.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is now tasked with appointing replacements to the board – who will also likely be far-left Democrats.  She’s progressive.

The parents had every right to have these three recalled. These board members put the children last and a union first.

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Peter Prange
Peter Prange
1 year ago

RE: Your Response From Being Recalled In The San Francisco Area.
“Don’t be mistaken, white supremacists are enjoying this. And the support of the recall is aligned with this.”

Ms. Lopez,
Thank you for the compliment!
My family is so racist. I admit it!
One of my sons taught in an ‘all-black’ Atlanta area high school. Yup! He was the only white in the school and the principal (black) hired him because he was so racist, not because he had met the principal through being his children’s private tutoring. (Stupid principal, forgetting the most important qualification is skin colour!)
My son-in-law retired early from managing a large lumber mill. He was so racist he has spent his last 15 years working in an aboriginal community (do even know what that is?) helping young adults to get practical life skills and getting them good jobs.
It’s no wonder our family is racist. My wife’s parents went to Papua (do you know where it is?) and taught the people to grow cash crops like Coffee and raise beef cattle in the highlands. (Beef eaters are of course contributing to global warning and thus are racists ) …
I would go on, but it is hard to enlighten someone who is elite and already knows what is best for others. Oh well, I just will continue on with my poor pathetic white privilege life.