New Emails: CDC & Big Tech Colluded to Control COV/Vax Narrative


New emails reveal collusion between Big Tech and the CDC, government officials to suppress opposition and silence dissent. The emails can be read below.

As an aside, we have examples of government-education collusion demonizing parents who complain about CRT. In fact, corporations are colluding on any number of issues to control the masses. This regime is corrupt and the relationship between corporate and the government better change or Americans will be victims of fascism.

“Emails between CDC and Facebook, obtained on behalf of @ICANdecide, show CDC guiding FB’s messaging,” Siri tweeted. “For example, CDC tells FB the ‘focused messaging for the next week’ includes ‘Rethink travel, gather virtually, wear a mask’ followed by patriotic slogans.”

Messages obtained include:

The emails encourage holiday propaganda messages: “Messages of duty, e.g., ‘For your family, for you country,’ seem to be most resonate (sic) to youg individuals and men. A summary of behavioral insights for comms is attached.”

There were directives on masks, gatherings and so on.

You are also told to consult CDC with questions.

Emails Collusion Big Tech CDC by MaurA Dowling on Scribd


Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Marty Makary told Fox Business during an interview on Tuesday that the CDC has been “using science as political propaganda.” This wasn’t directly related to the emails but it’s more corruption by the CDC and it’s all the more believable as the CDC’s sins become known.

“It really is offensive. It should be offensive to anybody who believes in science, including our nation’s physicians. This is using science as political propaganda. The absolute worst studies that were done during the pandemic came out of the CDC.

“The Maricopa mask study, so deeply flawed. The number of schools in the study didn’t even match the number of schools in the geographic area they said they were studying.

“The ignoring of natural immunity was based on two highly-flawed CDC studies, and yet they parrot these studies again and again, and much of the media just reports it out. If you look at most of the misguidance that we’ve gotten, it has been based on flawed science, with a lot of the community complicit in what they’re putting out.”

Dr. Makary said, “basically, what they’ve been doing is saying we’ve made our decision, now let’s go find some data to support it.”


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1 year ago

The “Shot” nothing but an experimental medication and we are only beginning to learn how dangerous it really is. The scary part about this is how many people were ever so willing to shove an experimental drug into their bodies with no science and vague promises that it would protect you. Now that some of the science is in, we know the “Shot” doesn’t protect you any more than other well known therapeutics that have a known good track record. The Government is making those know good drugs illegal and trying to force people to take the experimental drug they already lied to us about. Why does this not concern everyone in America, if not the World? Only fools trust a Government without question. The U.S. Government, like the U.S. Media, have no credibility anymore.

People have forgotten about Jonestown and the Kool-Aid Drinkers. The Kool-Aid Drinkers knew the Kool-Aid was poisoned, but drank it anyway. There’s a lot of foolish people in America and I fear many will die young.

1 year ago

Virtually every Doctor should realize the danger of 25% of kids suffering from depression. It’s not something that just turns around in a day. It has long term effects. There can be some circumstance in the future that will trigger a renewal of the depression and possibly amplify it. Maybe if the depression was a very short occurrence it wouldn’t persist in the future, but this has been in existence for a Very Long time, considering the extent of time and the life of the child at that point. This was basic curriculum in school some sixty years ago. I’d have to ask; What the Hell are schools and colleges teaching nowadays that they don’t seem to understand Basic Child Psychology.

1 year ago

Has no one picked up on the anti-natural immunity bandwagon. Ask any of those experts how the vaccine works. Many have described that the vaccine uses a ‘spike protein’ in order to stimulate the immune system, aka natural immunity, to start creating antibodies. If that doesn’t confirm natural immunity, nothing will. Every vaccine developed has worked on the principal of “stimulating” the innate immune response. Let one damn “scientist” from the Government say different.