300 Leftist Insurrectionists Arrested at the Capitol


Insurrectionists – Nazi Palestinian-Hamas supporters – stormed the Canon Building rotunda today, and other terrorist sympathizers, like Rep. Tlaib, ranted outside the buiulding. Rashida Tlaib, spreading the lie that Israel bombed a hospital and killed hundreds, riled up the crowd.

The only area affected by the terrorist bomb was the hospital’s parking lot. It’s very possible that no one died.

Will Tlaib be arrested for inciting an insurrection? Not likely.

There were about 300 arrests, but the insurrectionists will likely be treated a lot differently than the J6 paraders.

I doubt anyone will serve a 22-year sentence or go to the rat-infested prison with mean guards in DC. Her violent allies who fought with police won’t be kept in solitary and away from their families for a year or two. I doubt the attendees will be put on an FBI wanted list and hunted.

However, they did interrupt Congress people, and we know how serious a crime that is, thanks to J6.

Rashida Tlaib said during her hysterical rant that she is not threatening Biden. Then she threatened Biden.

“As a Palestinian American, as also someone of Muslim faith, I’m not going to forget this! And I think a lot of people are not going to forget this! And it’s not a threat! It isn’t! They think we’re joking!”

This lady is crazy, but the sobbing was a nice touch. Probably no children died unless they were in the parking lot bombed by her lunatic terrorist allies who misfired a rocket. It looks like the missile exploded in the air, and firey pieces landed in the parking lot. A dozen or fewer vehicles were burned, and the buildings were untouched.

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