Biden Speech Tomorrow Compares Ukraine and Israel Wars


Joe Biden

The White House announced that Biden will give an address tomorrow to [conflate] report on the Israel-Terrorist war with the war in Ukraine.

The Announcement:

Tomorrow, President Biden will address the nation to discuss our response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel and Russia’s ongoing brutal war against Ukraine.
This speech will be delivered from the Oval Office at 8:00 p.m. ET.

One might expect this from the President who went to Israel and told them how “outraged and saddened” he was by the Gaza hospital bombing.

In any case, the two wars are not the same. Israel was the victim of a genocidal slaughter by terrorists. It’s an existential threat. The surrounding countries – led by Iran, are now threatening them. Israel was falsely accused of bombing a Gaza hospital when it was the Gaza terrorists who did it.

Israel is a democracy.

On the other hand, Ukraine is not a democracy. It’s a corrupt country and a dictatorship. Ukraine’s leadership imprisons opponents, bans opposing political parties, refuses to hold elections, and puts priests and reporters in prison. The World Economic Forum and Ukraine are working together to fulfill the vision of the World Economic Forum.

Ironically, the US is funding both sides in the Israeli war. We are funding Gaza, therefore, the terrorists who run it. The terrorists are acting as proxies of Iran. The US released $16 billion from Iran’s business dealings and now allows Iran to buy and sell oil, gas, missiles, and drones. Iran is making billions of dollars, and the US is facilitating Iran’s terrorism.

This is the same US leadership that aids and abets cartels at the US southern border.

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