Douglas Mackey Gets 7 Months in Prison for Joke Memes


Douglas Mackey, who posted obvious joke memes referencing Hillary Clinton, was sentenced to seven months in prison by our corrupt justice system. He was found guilty of election interference.

They had zero evidence any voter changed their vote based on the memes – ZERO.

He was sentenced in New York criminal court on Wednesday after a March conviction for conspiracy against rights or election interference, over memes he created during the 2016 presidential election that disparaged Hillary Clinton, The Post Milennial reported.

Mackey was sentenced to 7 months in prison for jokes.

He faced ten years in prison for this fake crime.

Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, 31, an influencer from West Palm Beach, used social media platforms to disseminate misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.

The 2020 election was filled with fraud, and the DoJ couldn’t find a thing wrong.

He posted one meme with a picture of a black woman, telling people to vote from home by text. Mackey posted another one with a white woman and wasn’t focusing on black people. The DoJ said he was spreading the disinformation to blacks. The DoJ said 4900 people voted by text.

But none were affected!!!
They’ve already arrested others for weaponized speech. Pray that we get rid of these people in 2024.
Elon Musk responded:

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