350 Huffy Editorial Boards Collude to Rip President Trump Thursday


At least 350 editorial boards will attack President Trump tomorrow which makes Thursday, August 16th no different from every other day.

The President has mocked the ‘fake news’ as the ‘enemy of the people’ and the media is rebelling tomorrow — even more than usual. The MSM has been ganging up on Republicans for 95 years but they used to pretend they were fair and unbiased. No longer!

It looks like the media is running the country — to the far left and into the ground. Yesterday, CNN’s Cuomo took a stand for…wait for it…Antifa. The NY Times soft-pedals MS-13 and Antifa. ABC and CNN have staged panels. They are usually less obvious and just leave out important facts or put the facts deep into the article preceded by a lot of editorializing. It’s not only President Trump they hate, it’s everyone on the right.

The press is free but they are corrupt liars who think they’re opinion is the truth.

The Boston Globe called for the editorial boards nationwide to publish columns on Aug. 16 condemning Trump’s “war against the free press.” [That’s fake press he’s at war with, not free press]

Their action is ironic given it was Obama who wanted to imprison journalists, control newsrooms, and ban the AP from taking the presidential photos. The difference is they agree with Obama so his abuse was okay.

This is simply a coordinated attack and that makes it fake news.


Politico senior media writer Jack Shafer wrote that the Globe’s effort is “sure to backfire” and simply offer Trump extra ammunition.

“It will provide Trump with the circumstantial evidence of the existence of a national press cabal that has been convened solely [to] oppose him,” Shafer wrote. “Trump will reap enough fresh material to wale on the media for at least a month.”

Shafer added that Trump will say it’s proof they are colluding. [They are and this is proof]

He also criticized the upcoming anti-Trump editorials as “an exercise in redundancy” and “self-stroking,” because most newspapers have already gone after Trump’s attack on the press. In addition, Shafer pointed out that most editorial boards didn’t support Trump in the first place.

“Editorial-page sentiment against Trump remains largely unchanged since the election, making the call for a collective reprimand all the more pointless,” he wrote.

When they spew more hate tomorrow, will they win friends? What say you? Do you plan to read any of the editorials?

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