4 countries re-open this week


The leaders of Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Austria have announced plans to re-open slowly this week

Denmark will open schools and daycare centers on April 15 and Norway will do so in five days.

Other restrictions, including the ban on gatherings of more than 10 people, will remain in place until at least May 10th, and larger gatherings will not be permitted until August.

Denmark has reported 187 coronavirus-related deaths and a total of 4,681 infected out of a population of 5.6 million.

Austria laid out plans to emerge from lockdown earlier this week, proposing to re-open some shops from April 14.

“We reacted faster and more restrictively than in other countries and could, therefore, avoid the worst. But this fast and restrictive reaction now also gives us the possibility to come out of this crisis more quickly,” Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Monday.

Austria’s chancellor, the world’s youngest head of government at 33-years-old, said the plan was for all shops to follow suit and open from May 1.

Only one shopper per 20 square meters of shopping space will be permitted and all shoppers will be required to wear face masks at supermarkets and drugstores of more than 400 square meters in size.

Kurz said restaurants and hotels would not re-open until the middle of next month, at the earliest, and public events would not be allowed until at least late June.

To date, Austria has reported 12,639 cases of the coronavirus, with 243 deaths.

Norway has also announced plans to gradually relax coronavirus restrictions, with kindergartens now scheduled to reopen between April 20 and April 27. Schools from the first grade to fourth grade will open from April 27.

“Together we have taken control of the virus, therefore we can open up society little by little,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg told a news conference on Tuesday.

The country, which currently has restrictions in place until April 13, has closed nurseries and schools and refused entry to foreigners who do not live or work in Norway.

Norway has had just over 6,000 cases of the coronavirus, with 89 deaths nationwide.

Sweden and Brazil implemented minimal restrictions and did not shut down their economies. So far they are not skyrocketing and Swedens ICU admissions are way down. Brazil has 23,430 cases and 1,328 deaths. Sweden has10,948 cases and 919 cases.


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Pattern Recognition
Pattern Recognition
3 years ago

The common thread? No Faustus, Fraulein Birx, comrade Billy Gates, privately owned banking cartel with federal in its name.
Turn out the lights, the party’s over.