40 million unemployed, patients untreated, OPEN UP!


We now have 40 million people on the unemployment rolls. We need to open up a lot faster than we are. Not only are these people in financial and emotional danger, but non-COVID patients also are not being treated. It has been one poor decision after another. Some states are tightening up, even as they go to Phase I.

Doctors and nurses have been furloughed. We need to get these hospitals up and running for everyone.

The decisions to keep hospitals locked down to all but COVID continues. These so-called elective surgeries and tests are vital in many, many cases.

Governors like Newsom in California, Whitmer in Michigan, Blackface in Virginia, and Murphy in New Jersey are creating impossible standards.

Then you have fools like the governors of NY, NJ, Conn., Penn, MI, and others, requiring the sick elderly to go back to nursing homes. That’s where half of these deaths are coming from. Chuck Schumer is claiming there was no room for them anywhere else, but that’s not honest. They had the Comfort, the Javitts Center, and the makeshift hospital built on the grounds of Stony Brook hospital — all nearly empty.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is blaming everyone but himself for the COVID deaths in nursing homes. One of his targets is nursing homes. He now states, “the obligation is on the nursing home to say, I can’t take a COVID-positive person.”

They were not given that option. He’s being dishonest here.

This is his order:

He wasn’t even having them tested, much less giving nursing homes any latitude.


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