Trump’s social media EO will likely go after Section 230 – Updated


Update: Draft copy of the EO can be read below. It goes after them for their cozying up to China.

President Trump is planning to sign an executive order today to deal with social media platforms who are biased left and censor right-wing speech. These platforms have rights under Section 230 that protect them from lawsuits. They shouldn’t have these rights. They are partisan and political activists. But Congress hasn’t done a thing about Section 230.

However, Rep. Matt Gaetz is drafting a bill that would strip social media networks of their legal immunity (Section 230). This would allow users who have been banned, or had content removed, to sue in court.

Will Pelosi allow it to pass? Not likely. It should have been done when the GOP had both Houses.


CBS News reports that the White House is preparing an executive order that could take aim at the 230 legal shields. Social media companies enjoy the privilege for content posted by users on their platforms, but only if they are not political activists.

President Trump is ramping up the attacks on tech giants over censorship and a first-ever fact check on his own tweets. That fact-check is a good example of bias. It was totally biased. It only linked to CNN Politics. They’re biased and fake news to begin with, but if they were fair, they also would have linked to one of the articles showing that mail-in voting is fraught with fraud. I found them and they certainly could have as well.

The official said the order is intended to curb legal protections for social media companies that shield them from liability for content like comments, posts, and videos. The order is still being drafted and reviewed, the official said but would allow regulators to claim internet companies are censoring free speech when they delete users’ posts or accounts.

Mr. Trump’s executive order, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, is certain to face legal challenges. He hinted at the order in a tweet Thursday morning, writing that Thursday “will be a Big Day for Social Media and FAIRNESS!”

Trump hinted this morning that this would be a big day for ‘social media and fairness.’

Unfortunately, it was a law passed by Congress and they have to revoke it.

It’s not likely this will go anywhere, but maybe it will embarrass Congress into taking action. That’s not likely. Congress basically only takes action on things like the Patriot Act, spending money, investigating Trump, or passing freedom-robbing laws. If that’s unfair, let us know.

Joe Biden called for the same thing in January:

He said, “No, I’ve never been a fan of Facebook, as you probably know. I’ve never been a big Zuckerberg fan. I think he’s a real problem. I think ——

CW: Can you elaborate?

No, I can. He knows better. And you know, from my perspective, I’ve been in the view that not only should we be worrying about the concentration of power, we should be worried about the lack of privacy and them being exempt, which you’re not exempt. [The Times] can’t write something you know to be false and be exempt from being sued. But he can.

The idea that it’s a tech company is that Section 230 should be revoked, immediately should be revoked, number one. For Zuckerberg and other platforms.

That is how we find it in our experience. These CEOs for tech companies lie to Congress and get away with it. They are political activists. Their censors are almost exclusively left-wing radicals. George Soros funds a lot of the censorship.

Section 230 is all you can take away. The social media companies, completely governed by leftists, have the right to ignore free speech. They are private companies, but they don’t have the right to special privileges.

However, does this put bloggers in more jeopardy? Everything has consequences.




Trump’s Draft Executive… by Raheem Kassam on Scribd

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