40% of audience at a South Carolina Trump rally were Democrats


According to Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtagh, nearly 40% of the audience at a South Carolina rally were Democrats. This was as Joe Biden was cleaning up on Super Tuesday.

Roughly 16% of attendees at a North Charleston, South Carolina rally were black people, 28% of the audience didn’t vote in 2016, and nearly 40% of them were either Democrats or Independents, the Washington Examiner reported based on campaign source data.

“We know from data gathered from rallies that a significant percentage of rally registrants and attendees have voted infrequently in federal elections, but they are motivated to come out to see President Trump,” campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told the Examiner.

“We also know that the president’s record of accomplishment on behalf of all Americans appeals to a wide swath of voters, including men and women, in all demographics, in all regions. He also speaks to the ‘forgotten Americans’ who politicians have left behind for decades,” he added.

“It is definitely a big deal,” Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin told the Examiner.

The President is broadening the voter base for the first time in decades.

Monday’s Washington Examiner report comes after former Vice President Joe Biden won 10 Super Tuesday races in February. South Carolina was effectively Biden’s Maginot Line or the blue wall. Maybe not!

Sanity might prevail. Many of the President’s agenda items should make Democrats happy. They are common sense issues, not conservative per se. He’s a pragmatic leader rooted in logic and common sense, not ideology.

Infrastructure, helping minorities, jobs, economy, lower taxes, peace, are all things Democrats should and used to want.

Biden is correct here, you must elect Donald Trump:


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3 years ago

I’m starting to smell a 50 state Trump blow out coming….

3 years ago

Of course democrats went to the Trump rally . His rallies are exciting, invigorating, patriotic and understandable; as he talks to the people people not at them . Trump relates to the common every day hard working American.He has delivered on his promises. Not with a magic wand but with inspiration, common sense and his business acumen. America does not need entrenched politicians but people with vision, foresight, ability, and grit. Trump loves America and it’s citizens, and it’s evident. …. Who wants to be lectured to by two decrepit old men; Bernie, a communist who wants to take away our Constitutional rights and freedoms. Biden a confused and senile has been, who offers a return to the failed years of the “OBidenbama” mis-administration. It won’t belong before he sounds like he’s talking in tongues, and garbled versions of Ukrainian nursery rhymes.

Welcome To Scotland
Welcome To Scotland
3 years ago

The CPUSA went too far left too fast. They forgot the quote from their favorite republican Abe Lincoln about never being able to fool all of the people all of the time.
Also they way overestimated the enthusiasm for the hope and change managed decline farewell tour.
The bloom is off that rose and the dollar bin doesn’t even want that played out stale hype.