40% of COV Unemployment Went to Our Foreign Enemies


Joe Biden and comrades sent COVID-19 jobless aid to enemy nations. Why it went to any foreign nation is a mystery. Tens of billions of dollars were sent to fraudsters working with China and Russia, The Washington Times reports.

Haywood Talcove, CEO for LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ government division, says 40% of the more than $700 billion spent on unemployment went to fraudsters. Most of it, $175 billion, went to overseas operatives.

“It makes me mad that there hasn’t been enough oversight, that the tools that are needed when you’re distributing this type of money aren’t in place,” Mr. Talcove told The Washington Times. “It allows our adversaries, the Russians, the Chinese, the Nigerians, the Romanians, to use that money to hurt our country.”

He said the money lost to fraud could have provided $160,000 to each individual in the country below the poverty line. Or it could have paid a Harvard University-level tuition for four years for every 18-year-old in the country.

Criminals got it instead. This is what you can expect daily when the Central Government is in charge of every aspect of our lives.

There has not been a full accounting of the $6 trillion Congress allocated, including the $717 billion the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget calculates went to pandemic unemployment assistance.

No one was watching the money.

Congress raised the amount to astronomical proportions. All they had to do was let people go back to work. Now, Fauci is talking about another lockdown despite the fact that Omicron only presents with mild cases so far.

The problem, Mr. Talcove said, is that the states just weren’t ready for that kind of money to flow through their unemployment systems. But fraud rings were.

For years, they’d been using the same playbook, combining names and pilfered personal identifying information to scam companies and government agencies like disaster relief or the IRS, according to Talcove.

They hadn’t targeted unemployment before because it wasn’t all that much in the past.

Examples from The Washington Times:

California, which received more than $130 billion of the unemployment money, likely saw tens of billions of dollars in bogus payments made.

The District of Columbia, with about $2 billion in federal assistance, lost about $800 million in bad disbursements, Mr. Talcove estimates.

In Michigan, an auditor’s report earlier this month found the state didn’t require individuals to self-certify the reason they were out of work. That meant people who didn’t deserve the money under the federal rules were nonetheless allowed to get checks in Michigan.

Even after being warned by the feds, Michigan took months to change its system, allowing people to continue to be paid benefits they shouldn’t have gotten.

The auditor said at least 300,000 bogus claims were paid because of the bungle, and the money won’t be recovered because applicants didn’t actually scam the system.

They Just Print More Money

Mr. Talcove said private companies could never withstand those kinds of losses. “With government, they just get to print more money,” he said.

“It’s pretty amazing that the states did not have these tools in place, and were able to essentially donate $250 billion to transnational criminal groups,” he said.

Mr. Talcove told the Times it didn’t have to be that way. A simple fraud filter at the front of the application process — costing perhaps a half-million dollars for a jurisdiction like Washington, D.C. — could have saved tens of billions.

Undermining the US Election

It’s possible that American taxpayers helped fund the cyber chaos efforts that intelligence analysts say China, Russia, and Iran launched to try to undermine the 2020 U.S. election.

Top federal officials in the Justice Department and Secret Service acknowledged the problem briefly in congressional testimony last year, The Washington Times reports.

The assistant director for investigations at the Secret Service said state-sponsored pandemic fraud had become “a very real threat to America’s national security.”

Herein Lies One of Our Problems

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Demoncrapicshariachicomrinos about sums them up !!!