Jon Stewart Committed an Egregious Crime


Jon Stewart is a very unfunny comedian who makes a living tearing into Republicans. That never gets old for his audience. When Donald Trump was indicted for a misdemeanor converted into a felony that is a federal case being heard by a Manhattan court, Stewart blasted The Donald with ad hominem attacks.

He didn’t stop there. Stewart melted down over Kevin O’Leary, the Shark Tank investor, for sticking up for Trump. He called O’Leary “such an a$$hole” that “even the other people on Shark Tank think he’s an a$$hole.” he went on and on.

He’s Guilty of What Trump Did

As it happens, Stewart overvalued his own property by 829%. It’s doubtful he’ll be embarrassed by his overtly blatant, amazingly grotesque hypocrisy, but he should be.

Stewart sold a New York City property in 2014 for 829% more than what he paid for it. The person who bought it for $17.5 million had to sell it at a loss.

According to the NY Post, Stewart bought the property for $1.882 million, and the assessed valuation was only $847,174.

Records also show that Stewart paid significantly lower property taxes, calculated based on that assessor’s valuation price. He called Trump out for the same thing he did in his Monday monologue. Stewart said the bank was a victim.

When the person who bought it from Stewart resold the property, the person lost 26%, selling it at just over $13 million in 2021. The person who bought the duplex from Stewart was a victim then.

Let’s get Letitia James on this right away. We hope Judge Engoron is available to hear the case.

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